Michigan’s Failed Attempt at Being Gangsta


While we eagerly await the 7th Floor Crew’s second song release, we can at least laugh at the attempt by three scrubs from the University of Michigan football team to emulate their Miami counterparts.

The song, titled “Measly Penny,” is rapped by juniors Landon Smith, Tyrone Jordan and Jerome Jackson. Let's just say that if their ability to flow is in any way an indicator of their performance on the field, then I’m not surprised that they ride the bench.

Unlike the fun loving group down in Florida who glorifies its gangbangs while drinking gin, these guys sound whiny. It seems like they are jealous that the girl they’re dissing wouldn’t let them perform any of the acts detailed in “If That Hoe Only Know.”

Even less like the 7th Floor Crew, these rappers are hardly thugs. All three were National Honor Society members in high school and Smith and Jordan aren’t even on football scholarships. Now I’m not saying being in the NHS is a bad thing, but it can’t be good for your street cred.

They aren't exactly the biggest people either. Jackson, who happens to be the only one that ever plays, is the most imposing at 5-11, 200 lbs.

Anytime that I have a decent chance in a fight against you, you shouldn't be a rapper. Once again, that could damage street cred.

Despite the song not living up to the high expectation I had, there are a few funny lines worth mentioning.

The chorus goes:

“You say you’s a dime, you’s a measly penny
She say she’s a dime, she’s a measly penny.
She say she’s a dime, she’s a measly penny, Yeah.”

Apparently, the girl they really despise claims to be Lebron James’ cousin, so they rag on her for that.

My favorite part comes at the end when one of the three is just talking and says, “Your teeth so big you look like you took a bite out of crime.” Clearly he remembers the Scruff McGruff, Chicago, Illinois, 60652 commercial.

According to the Michigan Daily, the three have not been dismissed from the team but will be disciplined.

No word yet on whether or not Lloyd Carr enjoyed the song.


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