Almost Doesn't Count


Charlie Weis summed up his team best with five words when he took over the University of Notre Dame football team last December.

His statement still echoes today.

“You are what you are.”

Take nothing away from the accomplishments of the Fighting Irish this season. With mostly another coach’s players, Weis’ team would finish 9-2 with a win at Stanford next weekend.

This group is good. But not that good.

The Bowl Championship Series is designed for great teams and the Big East winner. This season, Notre Dame does not fall into either category.

It is certain that some team is going to be upset with how the BCS awards its two at large spots but the job is to find the two most deserving.

USC and Penn State are the only locks for a BCS game as of right now. Let’s assume that Texas, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia will also secure spots via conference championship.

That leaves the winner of the SEC and the two at large spots to be determined.

Notre Dame will then be in a battle with Ohio State, Oregon, and Auburn. If Georgia were to win the SEC championship game, LSU would also figure into this mix.

I have three problems with Notre Dame this season.

1. Almost beating USC is the team’s best achievement. If that should get them to a BCS game, then why doesn’t Fresno State have an argument?

2. The grueling schedule that the Irish boasts really wasn’t that tough this season. Of the teams they have played, only Michigan and USC, BYU and Navy are even bowl eligible.

3. They lost to Michigan State. Overtime or not, the Spartans stunk this year.

Furthermore, the team’s competing with Notre Dame have better cases.

Ohio State’s only losses were against two of the top four teams in the country. They defeated Michigan State and their schedule boasts seven bowl eligible teams.

Oregon doesn’t have a Michigan type win - like Notre Dame – but the Duck’s only loss is to the nation’s best team.

Auburn’s two losses are against a surprising Georgia Tech and BCS contender LSU. They blew away Alabama and South Carolina, and beat Georgia.

To reiterate, Notre Dame has had a nice season. Weis has done a remarkable job. Brady Quinn has played out of his mind. The team is competitive again. The Irish are almost back to being among college football’s elite.

Just not yet.


Anonymous 1:03 PM, November 21, 2005  

You say Notre Dame isn't that great because they lost to a shitty Michigan State team in OT...yet then you say Ohio State is plausable because they beat the Spartans.

A bit contradicting, don't you think? You can't call a team shitty for one case and then say they're good when talking about them playing vs. another team.

Anonymous 3:09 PM, November 21, 2005  

He never says Ohio State is good for beating Michigan State....he just says Notre Dame is not good because they lost to Michigan State. Point is Ohio State beat a shitty team that Notre Dame lost to.

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