Best Gimmick Ever: Day 5


The tournament should move much quicker after today as the first round has been pretty long and grueling.

By my mistake, this is clearly the weakest bracket. But let’s go to ringside anyway…

1. Hollywood Hogan VERSUS 16. Brooklyn Brawler
If you’re wondering why Hogan is a one seed twice, it’s because he probably has had the biggest impact on the fans of any wrestler. I mean here’s someone I worshipped because he was such a good guy and then as soon as I hit my rebellious stage, so did he! Good times.

The Brooklyn Brawler defined your typical Yankee fan, sauce stains on the shit and all. He had a great gimmick but this match was over quick.

Hogan Advances

8. Hardcore Holly VERSUS 9. IRS
Another “get up and stretch” match. IRS had a pretty cool gimmick but he used that briefcase far too much. After realizing he couldn’t beat Holly by outwrestling him, IRS hit Holly over the head.

The referee happened to see this and disqualified IRS.

Holly Advances

5. Crush VERSUS 12. Dean Douglas
This is the “Demolition” version of Crush facing the former school teacher gimmick. Douglas wrestled when the WWF began really losing the ratings wars with WCW and so anything he did was really irrelevant.

Crush has Mr. Fuji in his corner which helps. Plus he is much scarier. Crush wins this one easily.

Crush Advances

4. Earthquake VERSUS 13. Dustin Rhodes
This match is pretty obvious. One half of the Natural Disasters facing a guy who could never get it right. Earthquake used to jump up and down in the ring and sit on people. Dustin played a guy who wore lipstick in his other gimmick.

Rhodes just couldn’t handle the bigger strong Earthquake.

Earthquake Advances

6. The Berserker VERSUS 11. Jacque Rougeau
If I were just basing this tournament solely on character and not taking what he did in wrestling into account, The Berserker would win. He was a mix between Brendan Fraser’s character in “Encino Man” and Fred Flintstone.

Rougeau was just a tag team wrestler that would get better when he was by himself as “The Mountie.”

Berserker throws Rougeau over the top rope and Rougeau is counted out.

Berserker Advances

3. Typhoon VERSUS 14. Blue Blazer
The Natural Disasters move to 2-0 in the tournament thus far. Facing one of wrestling’s favorite jobbers, Typhoon throws around the Blazer and the match ends quickly.

Typhoon Advances

7. Godfather VERSUS 10. Big Bossman

The jail guard from Cobb County, Georgia facing a pimp. Come on now, the cop always wins this battle.

Bossman needed to cheat a little however, hitting the Godfather in the head with his baton. The Godfather was knocked unconscious and the Bossman pinned him.

Bossman Advances

2. Mick Foley VERSUS 15. Rick Martel
Remember the year that Iowa State was a seeded a little too high and lost to the fifteenth seeded Hampton.

That’s Mick Foley…. Kind of.

Foley is definitely seeded too high but even a perfume spraying in the face could help the model win this match.

Foley Advances


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