Thank God for Mondays


An uneventful social night left me alone in bed, in the dark, eating buffalo wings, and flipping through channels for the better part of eight hours last evening. Replace the wings with some bonbons and it would be easy to mistake me for a depressed housewife.

At least I had basketball.

With the exception of the NCAA tournament, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through that much of any sport. But because there was a number of entertaining games on, I tried to watch everything I could. So without trying to get all Bill Simmons running diary on you, let me recap the night.

At 7:00, the Kansas/Missouri game was on ESPN with the UConn women’s game on ESPN 2. I have never found Big 12 games to be very interesting and I truly despise Kansas so I watched a lot more of the women’s game. Connecticut blew a big lead but held on for victory.

I went back to ESPN to catch the start of the UConn men against Syracuse only to see that the first game was in the final minute. Naturally, I was pissed.

It was a seven point game with 35 seconds to play. Missouri wasn’t going to comeback and I was going to have to sit through a foul fest. But before I could even think of that amazing 10 point comeback Duke pulled off versus Maryland a few years ago, the Tigers were hitting a three pointer to tie it up.

A little bit of choking by goofy Christian Moody and we were headed to overtime.

It was no more than two minutes into the extra period when ESPN assumed correctly that no one east of the Mississippi cared about the Big 12 and switched over to the UConn game. I didn’t know until about an hour later that Missouri won.

Dick Vitale did the game so you know there were plenty of Duke references for no relevant reason. I especially felt bad for Syracuse fans when he was trying to express how they will react on senior night for Gerry McNamara and then immediately went into a JJ Redick rant.

The Huskies blew out Syracuse from the start but the game stayed entertaining because it seemed like there was a chance of a fight breaking out every few minutes. After Louie McCroskey dunked and showboated in Hilton Armstrong’s face late in the first half, I thought shit might hit the fan but cooler heads prevailed.

I made sure to flip to TNT for the tip off of the Lakers/Heat game. There is nothing more exciting than all the hype leading up to Kobe versus Shaq. I wish Kobe would have went WWE on him and hit him from behind, but instead they hugged, talked and laughed as if they didn’t hate each other.

Speaking of wrestling, I did manage to catch the final minutes of RAW and got to see a ladder match between a very bloody Rick Flair and Edge. Great match, Edge won.

Back to the Lakers game. Miami made it close but Los Angeles won and Bryant scored 37, proving even further that he’s the leagues premier player. By the way, Shaq is finally realizing that he has nothing left to do in the league. He’s having the worst season of his career in every major category and astonishingly, his free throw shooting has gotten worse.

Finally, I managed to catch some of the Gonzaga/random bum team game just to say that I’ve seen Adam Morrison play. He’s not the prettiest guy on the plant, but he dropped 30 and I just can’t see how Rudy Gay should go ahead of him in the draft.

I can honesty say I’ve been out of bed no longer than fifteen minutes for the entire night (five to get my food, three for drinks, and seven for the bathroom). I’m even writing this from my bed. Now that’s pretty impressive.

Or maybe I should get a life.


Anonymous 7:45 PM, January 17, 2006  

were you wearing your daddy's kilt?

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