NYC Coach, Guard Cross the Line


Let me be the first to apologize to Vince Carter.  He was right.

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s brilliant 81 point game, a New York City girl’s basketball player delivered a not so scintillating performance just ten days later.  I should correct myself.  Her 113 points was actually quite impressive.

It was also a tasteless, rotten move that begs the question: What was her coach thinking?

Epiphanny Prince, a Rutgers bound guard, ran up 58 points in the first half as her team jumped out to a 74-11 lead.  Then on the off chance that Brandeis High School might storm back from the 63 point deficit, Prince’s coach Ed Grezinsky left her in, encouraging the girl to chase her idol, Kobe Bryant.

Once she hit 81 in the third quarter, Grezinsky let her go after Cheryl Miller's single game record of 105 points.

Before the game, Prince mentioned that she was bored of the weak teams on her team’s schedule.  Grezinksy must have been too.  I mean, his team has outscored its opponents 1,032-366 and this was the third time they had beaten a team by at least 90 points this season.

Other than being a prolific scorer, Prince has a little more in common with her idol.  They both have a criminal history.  Last year Prince was tried for beating the hell out of a 13 year old girl, but was found not guilty and sentenced to just 15 days of community service for harassment.

I guess running a classy program and helping make women out of young girls runs second to a nice ass kicking in coach Grezinsky’s mind.

Good work coach, the world sure needs more people like you.


Anonymous 3:38 AM, February 04, 2006  

Is that even a sport. I'd rather watch grass grow

Anonymous 12:01 PM, February 04, 2006  

ehh shes going to rutgers...thats the last you'll hear of her anyway....ejoy your 15 minutes sweethaaaaat and coach

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