Still Stoned


There’s dumb, there’s inconceivably stupid and then there is Ricky Williams.

The Miami Dolphins running back has tested positive for a banned substance for the fourth time and is facing a one year suspension. While the substance is undisclosed, Williams’ three prior offensives all came from using marijuana.

I can’t even fully grasp this. What is wrong with this guy? Honestly, if pot is a gateway drug, then Ricky Williams must be stuck on the fence.

We see plenty of speed and coke addiction, even more alcohol abuse, and sprinkles of everything else, but never has an athlete had a bigger problem with smoking marijuana.

Yes, Nate Newton was found with more than his weight in weed; twice. And we did see the entire 2001-2002 Portland Trail Blazers roster play stoned, but Ricky takes the cake.

You see, Newton found god in prison and the Blazers had good lawyers and a Clinton-like public relations team, but Williams has continued puffing enough ganja to make even Cheech and Chong jealous. (If you’re counting, I’ve used four different names for marijuana. Ah, the things Snoop Dogg teaches us.)

I’m past the point of feeling bad for Williams and I think we have seen the last of what was a great talent.

In A Bronx Tale, we learned that the saddest thing in life is wasted talent. It gets worse when you don’t even care.

UPDATE: This topic is now completely irrelevant. The Miami Herald is reporting that Williams did not test positive for marijuana. See what happens when we assume. Tisk tisk.


The Armchair Quarterback 11:23 AM, February 21, 2006  

Williams had a chance to be great. He blew it.
But that's not the sad part of his weird career. What's sad is that he really doesn't care.

Jason 12:56 PM, February 21, 2006  

agreed. as an armchair critical fan without of much knowledge of Ricky as a person predicted he was going to make a run at the all time rushing record by the end of his career. Just goes to prove yet again ... mind over matter.

Anonymous 8:31 PM, February 21, 2006  

tisk tisk

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