15 Minutes of Fame for those Who Picked Mason


If George Mason is following college basketball, he is probably cursing in old-English at Russell Pleasant.

Pleasant is one of just four people that picked the entire final four correctly in ESPN’s pool of three million. How did he do it? He thought George Mason University was George Washington University. If you know your history, the two founding fathers did not end their lives on good terms.

I’m not sure where to classify Pleasant. While obviously being a very luck guy, you have to either know your college basketball or pick teams based on colors to get this year’s final four right. Because he really thought he was picking GWU, I’ll have to consider him the latter.

While I do think this a pretty interesting story, I can’t say I’m rooting for him.

He’s a huge sports fan that roots for teams like Nebraska football and UCLA basketball. He is from Nebraska but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume he’s one “those” fans. I’m sure he’s a Cowboys, Celtics and either Cardinals or Yankees guy.

The guy I want to see win is the one that put $20 on George Mason to win the national title before the tournament. At 400-1 odds on Pinnacle Sports, he could earn a very nice pay out.

I’m sure his story is sketchy too. Maybe he put a few bucks on every mid-major, or he is a crazy historian that feels George Mason deserves more fame, or he went to GMU and saw more than one basketball game while attending.

Too be honest, I'll be bitter no matter who wins because I didn't make a dumb mistake or go to George Mason, and I definitely don't like green and yellow.

But god do I wish I did.


pablo 10:28 PM, March 29, 2006  

i read that story too, i feel you on the types that cheer for the mainstream teams. basically any non-catholic that likes notre dame or any yankee that likes bama.

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