Boomer’s Staying, Just Don’t Talk to Him


David Wells loves Boston. But he hates associating with the fans.

Wells rescinded his trade request on Sunday by telling general manage Theo Epstein that he planned on going north with the team, dude.

Boomer’s biggest issue with the city is the total lack of privacy, which he called the worst he’d ever seen. He went on to say that he almost got in a fight in one of the few times that he went out after a start last season.

It’s not too surprising that he has a problem with the way fans act outside of Fenway. I picture Wells as the friend from home you bring up to your college to hang out, and he gets hammered and starts a fight. As everyone knows from his time in New York, he’s not a happy, playful drunk. He doesn’t want to be bothered with when he’s drinking a Bud and eating pretzels.

By backing off his demands, Wells will tighten the Red Sox rotation. Last season, he went 15-7 and has been a big game pitcher throughout his career.

It will probably also move Bronson Arroyo out of the rotation, meaning the Sox spent 11.25 million for three years on a middle reliever that gets ripped in Fenway.


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