Finally, Turk Wendell Addresses Steroids


If a closer in baseball is equivalent to a kicker in football, a middle reliever shares about the same responsibility as a holder. Just don’t screw up to the point where your mistake can’t be fixed. So when a guy like that starts calling out other players, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Especially when that guy is Turk Wendell.

Wendell, who retired last season, criticized the steroid era in baseball and said that there is still much more that needs to come out about the whole generation. He even had some choice words about his former Chicago Cubs teammate Sammy Sosa.

“Here’s a guy (Sosa) who goes from 30 homers to 60 homers every year, and just as fast he’s out of baseball. Can’t get a job. How’s that work?”

Two years ago, Wendell said through the media that it was obvious Barry Bonds had used steroids and the two almost got into a fight in a locker room over the comments. Wendell said that Bonds told him that if he had a problem to come say it to his face and he did. Surprisingly, Bonds did not throw him through a wall.

I always find it funny when someone like Turk Wendell states his opinions to the media. Don’t get me wrong, he has every right to. He did play the game. But why is it always a guy more famous for the animal claws he wore around his neck than anything he ever did on the field that goes off on a wild tirade.

Just once I’d like to hear Mariano Rivera or Trevor Hoffman exclaim, “Yeah, all those guys were juicing, but they still couldn’t touch me. That just proves how great I am.”

Wendell says steroid issue here to stay – Chicago Daily Herald


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