Only In Jersey!


Martin Luther King, a former mayor and a firefighter who died on the job have streets named after them in Atlantic City. Somehow, they will now be joined boxing promoter Don King.

The city gathered yesterday to honor the two time murderer/career criminal by renaming part of Mississippi Avenue to Don King Plaza. I’m not sure what this does for the credibility of a place that has never lived up to its self-billing as the Vegas of the east.

What’s odd is that King doesn’t even have a license to stage fights in the state. His was suspending for even applying for a year because he was continuously withdrawing his application to avoid questioning from investigators at the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

King is believed to be involved in bribing members of the International Boxing Federation. It is alleged that he along with many other promoters paid to have there fighters moved up the IBF ratings.

Let’s not forget that he is a con man and has basically robbed fighters out of millions of dollars for the past thirty years. Oh yeah, and I must reiterate: He killed two people!

What is Atlantic City thinking? They might as well go ahead and name other streets after convicts that have made them wealthy. Maybe they’ll rename the rest of Mississippi Ave to John Gotti Way.

I guess that’s the image AC is looking for.


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