Check It Out: Get Ready For More Chest Pumping


In an unprecedented move, Florida basketball is keeping its stars after just winning the national championship. Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer all announced that they would be returning to school for their junior years. Something is going on here. Just as sure as I am that Billy Donovan cheated to get good basketball players to come to UF, I’m sure he’s doing something illegal to keep them there.

Forgetting to mention that Squeaky Johnson graduated, UAB hired Mike Davis to be the school’s next basketball coach on Friday. It’s crazy that Davis went from having one of the best coaching jobs in the country to this. UAB actually has a decent team but it still a huge downgrade for him. Personally, I think he’ll do better at this level.

This story is a few days old now but still, it’s about Deion. Deion Sanders is trying to become a partial owner of the Austin Wranglers of the Arena Football League. If it goes through, I’d bet my life that Sanders ends up playing. It’s too bad. He’s one of the greatest cover corners ever to play, but he just can’t let the game go. He is almost becoming the Ricky Henderson of football.


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