Check It Out: The NHL and NBA Have Meaning Now


Here’s what I missed while stealing laptops with the best of em’ at UConn's Spring Weekend.

  • A lot of New York Rangers’ fans seem content with just being back in the playoffs after an eight year hiatus but what a miserable performance they gave Saturday afternoon. New Jersey was on the power play for over eighteen minutes, scoring five goals during that stretch in their 6-1 victory. The other goal came just one second after a Devils’ power play.

  • The best player on the court for Sunday’s game one between the Lakers and Suns wasn’t the guy that scored 81 this year or the point guard that won the MVP last year. It was career underachiever Tim Thomas. Thomas scored 22 points and had fifteen boards to lead the Suns to a 107-102 win at home. Phoenix was able to stop Kobe Bryant but was still very lucky to get by with a victory. Assuming Kobe plays like Kobe the rest of the series, the Lakers will put up a huge fight.

  • So far so good for Los Angeles’ other basketball team. The Clippers, who tanked the final week of the regular season to set this series up, pretty much controlled Denver until the final quarter and held on for an 89-87 win.

  • LeBron James has reached a point where you have to watch him every night on the off chance of seeing something historic. Think watching Brett Favre try to throw ten interceptions in a game, only replace that with something great. Yeah, that’s where LeBron is now.


Anonymous 10:45 AM, April 24, 2006  

jagr plays with a separated shoulder in game 2 and with a jordan like performance scored 3 and rangers win. he leads to rangers to the cup and carries the NHL's resurgence on his back and everyone is happy

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