See Ya Sandman


Billy Wagner and Jorge Julio are about to learn first hand what New York sports’ fans are all about.

After Brian Bannister delivered an exceptional performance in the first start of his career, the now - only in New York - controversial Metallica song blared over the sound system at Shea stadium and Billy Wagner took the hill for the ninth with the Mets up 4-3.

And he blew it.

Wagner gave up a monster shot to Washington’s stud rookie third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to tie the game at four. In the tenth, Jorge Julio was ripped for five runs on four hits to lose it for the Mets.

Wagner is deserving of and will probably get a pass for sucking in April. Chalk it up as a Texan not understanding how it was 60 degrees three days ago and then snowing when he woke up yesterday. Mike and the Mad Dog will continue to have fun with the “Enter Sandman” nonsense and some perpetually angry New Yorkers might throw the “bum” tag on him. That’s all.

Julio is a different story though. Mets fans booed him during introductions on opening day so it was only fitting that he’d come out and get bombed in his first appearance. There’s no saving him now. In one game, he’s reached Kaz Matsui status.

From no-no to no win – Newsday


Anonymous 11:18 PM, April 06, 2006  

First of all, you want to talk about stud third basemans let's talk about the boy wonder D. Wright, Billy Wagner used the song before Mo Rivera beacuse he was a setup man for Wetteland and the manager for Metallica said he would rather have Wagner use the song than Mo. Rivera is Latin so he should come out to like Rompe by Daddy Yankee, and all closers blow saves so lets not make a deal about it. And finally I'm drunk so if none of this makes sense than FU

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