Check It Out: Didn’t Defense Win Him the MVP?


Any time you get a chance to rip Alex Rodriguez, you pretty much have to take it. ARod made two costly errors and went hitless as the Yankees were blown out at their place by the Red Sox. Joining Rodriguez on the infamous “he just can’t handle New York” roster is Melky Cabrera. Poor Melky. Last year, his goof up led to Trot Nixon hitting an inside the park homerun and then last night, he dropped a fly ball that resulted in two runs scoring. He might even get traded before you read this.

Ian Cameron from Detroit Bad Boys couldn’t have been anymore on the money when he gave the reasons why the Pistons/Cavaliers series won’t be competitive. Yes, LeBron is going to get his, but the Cavs play about as much defense with James as they play offense without him…very little.

I’ve always thought that the NHL playoffs were ridiculous because it seems like they last longer than the regular season. This year however, they might be in the Stanley Cup finals around the same time the NBA is in its conference finals. Anaheim is now up 3-0 in its series with Colorado after a 4-3 win last night. Buffalo, Carolina, and San Jose can all take 3-0 leads tonight.


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