CIAC to Institute “Cochran Rule”


One of the most famous high school football coaches in the Connecticut history now has a rule designed in his honor. He should be embarrassed.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) has come up with a policy that will punish football coaches for running up the score on clearly inferior teams. Now, a team that wins by more than 50 points will see its coach suspended.

The rule goes into effect a season after New London, coached by Jack Cochran, won four games by more than 50 points and beat one team 90-0. In another game, an opposing team’s coach was so enraged with Cochran for calling a timeout just before halftime of a 60-0 win that he assaulted a New London assistant coach.

Cochran, who coached Dwight Freeney in high school, is notorious for leading state powerhouses to blowout victories with little regard for the other team.

This rule was absolutely necessary. As you move up into the college and professional ranks, caring about the other team becomes a non-issue. But in high school, when you’re leading football first schools against tech schools or small enrollment schools, it isn’t exactly classy to embarrass your opponent.

The only problem with the rule is that football in Connecticut is so top heavy that the talented teams’ third and fourth string players will still be able to score at will on the bad teams. Playing with a continuous clock might have been a better idea. While it does take away from reserves’ playing time, it would certainly lessen the chances of teams putting 70 on the board and coaches wouldn’t have to avoid winning by more than 50.

Coaches face suspension for wins of 50-plus points - ESPN


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