Drew Henson Loves Clichés and AMERICANS


Drew Henson was once both a Heisman candidate and the next Mike Schmidt. Now he’s stuck playing in front of crowds that can’t understand why American’s stole the name of their game.

Henson is currently playing in NFL Europe with the Rhein Fire and keeps a blog hosted by the Dallas Morning News. His latest entry came yesterday when he announced that he had a sprained MCL and was questionable for this Sunday’s game with Hamburg, who apparently is always dangerous and has the heart of a lion.

“They are a much better team than their record shows, and with nothing to lose, they will probably throw everything they have at us. We may have up to four starters out on offense, but regardless, we have to fight and find a way to win this game, no matter how pretty it may or may not be.”

The one positive about Henson being down means that record breaking college quarterback Timmy Chang might get a chance to play. Remember him? The guy that threw for 100,000 yards for Hawaii a few years ago. I just love him.

After rambling about some trip that was ruined by his therapy, Henson goes on to explain that he can’t wait to come back to the United States and lists the things he misses most about this country:

“Mi Cocina
Baseball Tonight (Cable)
Having a car to drive
Speaking the local language

Maybe he forgot that he’s hated by half of New York for being the Yankee’s position playing version of Brien Taylor. Maybe he doesn’t realize that he now gets the honor of handing Terrell Owens water (without receiving a high five) after touchdowns. Maybe he thinks Bill Parcells knows his name.

On second thought, maybe he’d be better off staying in Germany.

What I miss most – Drew Henson’s Blog


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