For The Ladies...


I have never met a girl that knows nothing about football but is dieing to learn the game inside and out. Apparently, they’re out there.

For $35 dollars a pop, Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy is willing to teach women everything they need to know about the sport. Included in this wonderful package is a presentation and Q&A session with Coach Gundy, a tour of OSU’s stadium, onfield coaching (something the Cowboys lacked while blowing a second half lead against Texas last year) and a free t-shirt.

There will even be an equipment demonstration making for the very real possibility that one lucky woman might actually get the chance to dress up and act like a total dude. Sweet.

For any of those guys in Oklahoma really looking to sweep his lady off her feet, this is for you. If ever there was a perfect “just because” present, Football 101 has to be it. Talk about a guaranteed way to get laid.

FOOTBALL 101 FOR WOMEN – OSU Athletics (via Fark)


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