Joe D's Uniform Sells for $195k


What men will give up to own other men’s clothing.

A uniform worn by Joe Dimaggio in the 1951 World Series was sold for $195,500 yesterday at an auction of some of his memorabilia. Other items sold were a jock strop, socks from game 26 of his hit streak, and a used condom that he may or may not have used with Marilyn Monroe.

I truly hope that everything sold at the auction went to a store that sells collectables but knowing Yankees fans, it’s quite possible that Tony from the Bronx sold his pizza joint in order to walk around at his son’s tee ball games pretending to be the Yankee Clipper.

To me, collectors are just weird. It’s one thing to be at ballpark hounding players for autographs when you’re young, but it’s totally different when you are paying outrageous sums of money to own game-worn clothing. Stuff like that is meant to be in Cooperstown.

Nobody’s wife will be happy about dusting the Joe D. jersey hanging in the living room.

Uniform from DiMaggio's last World Series sells for $195,500 - Yahoo


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