NBA Playoffs: Midway Through the First Round...


Chicago 93 Miami 87
The Heat appear to be unraveling as they head back home for game five. Gary Payton argued with Dwyane Wade, Antoine Walker and more than likely anybody that was willing to listen to his shit. Meanwhile, the Bulls got another balanced attack from Andres Nocioni (24 points) Ben Gordon (23 points) and Kirk Hinrich (21 points) to even the series up at two apiece.

Los Angeles 99 Phoenix 98

Kobe Bryant played selflessly once again, but took the big shot when it matted most, nailing a jumper over two defenders as time expired to defeat the Suns. If it isn’t already clear he should have won the MVP, this was the perfect example. With everything Steve Nash brings to the table, he wouldn’t have even been looking to shoot in that spot, while Bryant wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Washington 106 Cleveland 96
I’m not sure if anyone has noted how ridiculous the Cavaliers look with their playoff beards. I think they are playoff beards. No one should look that silly on purpose. LeBron James broke just about every Cleveland playoff record imaginable in this game, but Gilbert Arenas scored 20 fourth quarter points to help tie the series up for the Wizards. And he won a 100 dollar sit n’ go at halftime, so what now.

Sacramento 102 San Antonio 84
This is pretty compelling. The Spurs were a second away from going up 3-0 and now they are tied after getting blown out by the Kings. It’s hard to root for Ron Artest to succeed, but it’s even harder to watch the Spurs. Let’s go Sac Town.


twins15 4:29 PM, May 01, 2006  

Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out that first game between SA/Sacramento. The Spurs better be thanking their lucky stars that Barry made that shot at the end of game 2, or we'd both looking at the top 3 seeds (if you count Denver as a 3 seed) in the West being down 3-1 right now.

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