Rams Take Chance on Hottest Rapper in the Game


This is probably the last time you’ll read anything concerning Ed Nelson (save a few hick jokes) on Dan’s Take so bare with me.

The culmination of a month that saw Nelson’s name thrown in the same sentences with Paul Wall and Antonio Gates came Sunday when he signed as an undrafted free agent with the St. Louis Rams. Like Gates, he will try and break in as a tight end.

Said Nelson: "I didn't think I'd get drafted. It's risky for a team to draft me, but a lot of teams know my potential."

I’m not sure how one day of workouts could really show off his vast potential. If any scout would just watch game tape from his basketball career, they’d realize that he struggled to catch a big round ball. What makes them think he’s going to keep his hands on a football?

Ah well. Good for Nelson. I don’t think this will turn out to be a success story but you never know. I mean, if you would have told me that “Pickup Truck” would be my ring tone a few months ago, I’d have probably laughed.

But sure enough…


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