Weak Prank From Bad Player


Maybe he’s a leading candidate for Mendoza Line, but Adrian Beltre his still keeping is sense of humor.

Beltre organized a joke involving Seattle’s foreign born Latino players and manager Mike Hargrove that had the group asking their coach to give them Monday off to support immigrant’s rights.

Apparently, Hargrove was starting to believe them before Eddie Guardado burst out laughing. To which the manager should have replied, “Eddie, you held that joke about as well as you hold leads for us.”

It’s nice that Beltre can stay loose despite hitting .201, but can you imagine if Lou Piniella was still in charge in Seattle.

More than likely, there would have been an array of ethnic slurs, potentially followed by a few punches, ultimately ending with Jaime Moyer’s name inserted into the lineup for the rest of the week.

Excuse the old Beltre picture. It's tought to find one of him hitting with the Mariners.


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