Now Miami knows how Tupac felt


A season surrounded by brawling, death and the head coach losing his job will end Dec. 31 when Miami travels to Boise to play Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl.

You’d think the Hurricanes would be upset about spending their New Year’s Eve in a potato field, but Brandon Meriweather (the helmet swingin’ gun toting vigilante that he is) said the team will go in with an us against the world mentality.

"Everybody in the world expected us to give up. We decided as a unit, as a defense, as a team, not to give up --not to give America what they want. It's easy being America's most loved, but it's hard being America's most hated."
It’s wrong to pick on the easiest target, but I’m pretty sure an exception can be made for The U. After the game, I fully expect to hear, “We came from the gutter and we’re still here.”

Cue the “Changes” beat…


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