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  • The last five great football games I’ve seen: USC/Texas, Penn State/FSU, USC/ ND, Penn State/Michigan last season and now Ohio State/Michigan. Maybe it’s the rivalries or the way one game can have so much impact, but college football has done such an amazing job living up to the hype that surrounds its biggest games.

    Ohio State survived in a game I don’t think will be as close if there’s a rematch. The Buckeyes gave up some big plays but practically scored at will on what most people thought was the best defense in the country. It’s unreal how many outstanding skill players they have. They’re a lot like USC last year with a much better defense, though that didn’t show Saturday.

    Should there be a rematch? No. Look, it wasn’t an actual conference championship game, but Michigan lost the game that decided the Big Ten champion. There was uproar when Oklahoma lost to Kansas State and then played for the national title anyway. And that Sooners team was phenomenal. The same debate comes up here. How is right for the winner of the PAC 10 or the SEC champion with the same amount of losses to have to sit back and watch Big Ten A versus Big Ten B for the title? Keep in mind, no BCS national champion has ever finished second in its own conference.

    By the way, I think Jim Tressel looks a lot like Slugworth from Willy Wonka. Maybe not.

  • Let me just throw this out there. The NFL to me is like the NBA for most people. I really can’t get excited about it until the playoffs. Honestly, if it wasn’t for fantasy football, I probably wouldn’t even watch television on Sundays. However, I do appreciate greatness and the way LaDainian Tomlinson is dominating his sport is among the most captivating things I’ve ever seen.

    Get ready for the cliché that our grandfathers have probably heard at ten different points in their lives: It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan. Like him or not, you’re about to see Barry Bonds break the most sacred record in sports. I’d put LeBron, Kobe, Arenas, Garnett and Duncan against any five players from any other era and I’m not sure it would be close. You have LT and Manning in football. Hockey’s still played on ice. The present most definitely rivals the past at every level.

  • As I watched Tony Romo post near negative fantasy numbers, it hit me. Other than centerpieces like Manning and Brady, most quarterbacks are similar to the seven and eight hitters in a National League lineup. Think about it. The Bears have a dud at quarterback and they’ll probably be in the Super Bowl. Eli Manning leads the NFC in interceptions and the Giants are pretty good. Who else? Phillip Rivers isn’t doing anything Drew Brees couldn’t have done. Take anyone, even the real good ones and you’ll pretty much have the same results no matter where they play. If Carson Palmer and Chad Pennington switched spots, neither team is going to be that much better because of change.


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