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The last week or so has essentially been a wash with Thanksgiving and sheer laziness combining to halt any chance of frequent posting. I’ll try and get back into the swing of things in the coming days, but first let me shed some insight on a few happenings from the past week...

  • Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis decided to play the annoying kid in Madden and go for it on fourth down three times in first half (7 total) against USC Saturday night, leading many to believe he didn’t trust his defense. What, dismantling the service academies and Stanford proved nothing?

    It’s sad to say, but the National Championship fiasco isn’t even the worst thing wrong with the BCS. That title belongs to the Irish, who can afford to lose twice every year and still play in a major bowl. You have to wonder, just how good of a job is Weis doing? Furthermore, how bad was Tyrone Willingham?

  • The New York media needs to end its obsession with Tiki Barber’s intelligence. Every time someone criticizes the guy, it’s “We know he’s a smart cookie, but…” Just tell it like it is. His intellect has nothing to do with him saying one thing, and then accusing the press of spinning it the wrong way. That’s what every athlete does, not just the ones that can read.

    Anyway, the Giants are starting to look like last year’s San Diego Chargers. After beating the Colts in week 15, everyone was saying L.T. and Co. were about to cruise to the Super Bowl. They proceeded to drop their final two games and miss the playoffs. This season, Big Blue was once 6-2 and might leave Carolina next Sunday having lost five in a row.

    Oh yeah, the major difference between Peyton and Eli? Completely folding in the playoffs draws Dan Marino comparisons. Completely folding in the middle of the season loses your job. And your head coach’s.

  • His name is Leinart. Not Lion-Hart. Anyone who still refers to the Arizona Cardinals QB as the latter should be attacked.

  • The headband issue isn’t the only trouble the Bulls are having with Ben Wallace. For the first time, they might actually want Eddy Curry back.

  • I’ve always rooted for Stephon Marbury the way a kid from the Bronx roots for the Red Sox; Passionate but subtle. Never let anyone find out. While I still him, I think I’m starting to come to grips with the guy being a complete malcontent. If you can’t play for Isiah (the ultimate players coach), I’m not sure you can play anywhere.

  • The list for reasons why blogs are a positive source for news in today’s world is endless, but this whole Michael Irvin being the black Michael Richards controversy gives a harmful glimpse into just how powerful they can be.

    Irvin made a stupid comment about his friend, Cowboys QB Tony Romo, on the Dan Patrick Show last Monday. It was tasteless given the platform, but there was obviously no malice intended. Once a few of the major sports blogs picked it up, it became a huge story and now has forced an apology from Irvin, along with a number of people calling for his job.
    It’s great when blogs can provide breaking news. It’s sad when a blog is cavalier with someone’s career just to boost traffic.


twins15 3:01 AM, November 30, 2006  

Agreed about Irvin... he's not that good of an analyst, but the criticism is going a bit too far.

DP 1:08 PM, November 30, 2006  

Hi Dan

While I thank you for the linkage, I take exception with you holding me up as the pontus pilate of Michael Irvin.

I am not condemning Irvin's comments as much as some. I find him amusing in a slip on a banana peel kind of way, but I think what he was allowed to get away with is not EQUIVALENT to what Michael Richards did, I am merely saying that it is illustrative of the double standard that exists where Paul Mooney can make a career of saying the N-Word while RIchards becomes the OJ Simpson of standup comics while Michael Irvin channels Jimmy the Greek and strolls off with a slap on the wrist.

Dan McGowan 1:57 PM, November 30, 2006  


Thanks for the comment. I used your link because I enjoyed your thoughts on the situation. I think I probably placed your link in the wrong spot, but don't think I was attacking you.

Nonetheless, I think you comparing Paul Mooney to Michael Richards is absurd. Mooney doesn't use "nigger" or "nigga" to attack. Richards intended to put down the person heckling him and used generalizations.

As for Irvin and Snyder. I don’t remember Snyder because I was really young, but isn’t the difference that Irvin was obviously joking and he wasn’t? Irvin even said that he didn’t think that having “black” in you was the only way to be a good athlete. He was just making a stupid comment and continued on.

The reason I even wrote about the whole thing was because I disagree with blogs flat out attacking the media. A lot of the people who picked up this story are the same ones who completely attack ESPN in every way possible because they think its fun – which it can be. I just think its wrong when the same people that clearly have an agenda with ESPN or any mainstream media outlet are using their influence to make a story much bigger than it is.

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