Droppin' Knowledge: 12/11


  • It’s certainly too early to start labeling Mario Williams as Sam Bowie compared to Vince Young’s Jordan, but let’s go one further: Williams could turn out to be Reggie White and the Houston Texans might still regret picking him first in the 2006 NFL draft.

    Young and Reggie Bush look like they’re going to be that good.

  • Thank god it was LT breaking the single season touchdown record and not Larry Johnson. Imagine explaining to someone 20 or 30 years from now what Johnson was doing in his scoring celebration. “Oh he was just throwin’ up the Roc, showin’ love to his homeboy Jigga.” And that hate-filled look on his face? “Well, his offensive coordinator was still white.”

  • Before the season, if you told a Giants fan the team would need to win at Carolina to save its season, they’d probably tell you there’s a better chance of Tiki quitting than Big Blue going to the playoffs. Hmm.

  • After spending all that money on J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo, why are the Red Sox hard-pressed to pay for their biggest need? Its one thing if they don’t want to risk a lot on Eric Gagne, but that rotation without Daisuke Matsuzaka is questionable at best.

  • By the way: To calm people’s nerves about spending $50 million just to speak with the Japanese ace, officials made it sound like the team was invading Yankee territory; taking over the Far East as though it were Fordham Road. Will not signing Matsuzaka and letting him go to the Bronx next season turn him into a modern day, pitching version of Babe Ruth?

    Good luck finding a Big Papi jersey in Tokyo then.

  • It’s too bad the Sixers didn’t trade Allen Iverson before the season. They would have had a chance to compete with the 1972/73 team for the worst record in NBA history.

  • Question: Who would win in a fight - Zach Randolph or Stephen Jackson?

  • Eddy Curry is averaging 24.8 ppg over his last nine games. Now imagine how much he’d score if Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford didn’t think about shooting every time they touch the ball.


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