Rounding up


  • Somewhere between USC’s loss and Florida’s quick start in the SEC Championship game, a crazy thought suddenly started to go through people’s heads. The Gators might actually deserve to play for the National Title. What a difference a day makes.

  • Greg Oden took his first steps to the Hall of Fame yesterday, going for 14 and 10 (and 5 blocks) on Valparaiso. Three things: 1) Just as I’d heard, he looks very similar to Grandpa LeBron from the commercials. 2) Thad Matta should be fired if Ohio State doesn’t win the national title. 3) I wonder how the NBA feels about Oden and the rest of the young big men about to take over the game. Surely Oden, Yao, Howard, Okafor, Thabeet, Bynum and a few others are going to get in the way of the flashy smaller players.

  • Straight cash homey. Alexander Ovechkin is going to be fined at least $100 for laying out some other ice skater.

  • Bear with me now because this could be fun. Yesterday, Kansas lost to DePaul, who earlier in the season lost to Northwestern, who lost to Cornell, who lost to Binghamton, who lost to Colgate, who lost to Harvard. The Jayhawks have also lost to Oral Roberts, who lost to Akron, who lost Arkansas-Little Rock, who lost to the Centenary Gentlemen, who lost to Northwestern State. What does that all mean? Not much, but fuck Kansas.


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