Telfair's chances are running out


It’s never a good sign when your build-up leading up to entering the league lasts significantly longer than your time in the league.

For Boston Celtics guard Sebastian Telfair, that might soon be a reality.

Telfair was arrested last week after police found a loaded handgun under a seat in his car during a traffic stop. He also provided a suspended Florida driver’s license, which is confusing considering he grew up in Coney Island.

The arrest marks the third time in a little over a year that Telfair made non-basketball related news. You’ll remember he tried packing heat on a plane and also may have been involved with rapper Fabolous’ shooting.

We hear all the time about the dangers of over-hyping young players and Telfair’s story only reinforces the notion. Telfair’s handlers believed he could parlay his three high school city titles into NBA success and they were sadly mistaken.

It seems apparent now that the troubled guard will join his third team in four seasons once the Celtics trade or cut him.

The question is, who wants him?

While the demand for a young player with Telfair’s ability is high, the demand to clean up the league’s image is much higher.


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