Not the time to be Now


ESPN is getting it wrong with this Who’s Now business.

Now isn’t LeBron James, an athlete so young, yet so incredibly aware of his importance to sports. Now’s not Derek Jeter, the player every little leaguer should aspire to be. It’s not the best quarterback on the planet either.

Step aside Tiger, ARod and LT. None of you are even close.

Now is the former face of the National Football League. The guy who once dominated Madden to the point where many gamers instituted a no-Falcons rule. The player whose mix of blinding speed and arm strength made him the most exciting athlete in all of sports. Now is Michael Vick, the guy who is about to become the Mike Tyson –think about all of that wasted talent– of his generation.

Now is a no-name who literally had the ability to change a game every time he stepped on the floor. A guy who allegedly broke the cardinal rule in sports. Someone who makes Pete Rose look forgivable. Now is Tim Donaghy, the guy who may have damaged basketball’s integrity permanently.

They’re two completely different incidents, yet their impact can be felt far beyond just football and basketball. Vick, as sick as it seems, is not the only athlete that enjoys watching dogs maul each other. He’s certainly not the only athlete willing to risk millions to partake in illegal activities. And Donaghy isn’t the only corrupt referee in history. With their relatively low salaries –at least compared with the money athletes make- it’s just a wonder it took so long to spot one.

That’s what is so sad. Sports are filled with such amazing stories (see Jon Lester) and genuinely good people (see Vick’s teammate, Warrick Dunn). But all too often the positives are brushed to the side by guys so willing to compromise others to meet their personal needs.

And that’s why we say those involved with sports, just like you and I, aren’t perfect. Okay, fine. It’s just unfortunate that the Vick and Donaghy stories are so Now.

Because what they’re accused of should never happen.

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Anonymous 3:40 PM, July 26, 2007  

You're a talented writer

Anonymous 4:28 PM, July 31, 2007  

has your blog assisted you in getting laid ever?

dan 6:22 PM, August 02, 2007  

obviously. ladies love the blogosphere.

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