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  • It seems like everyone is predicting Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson will (at least) have a down year or (at worst) suffer a career-threatening injury this season. Even the Chiefs showed their lack of faith by not giving him L.T. money.

  • Apparently a former Mets clubhouse attendant has exposed a number of players that were using steroids while he was with the team. I hate to speculate, but check out Todd Hundley’s numbers from his only two All Star seasons.

  • It’s hard to have any sympathy for Latrell Sprewell, but a serious question needs to be raised: Why are we hearing more and more stories about NBA players with money troubles? I mean, there’s Sprewell and his boat, Andray Blatche sleeping in the Verizon Center and last year’s allegations that Scottie Pippen was broke. Who is advising these guys?


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