It's a case of now and then with Sox and Yanks


There was the left handed starter and his cut fastball giving way to a shaky, but not destructive bullpen. There was the ensemble of clutch hitters, from the fresh faces to the graying veterans. There was the shutdown, you-have-no-chance closer. And that rock for a manager. A group of guys with the uncanny ability to recognize the moment and the talent to seize it.

Yes, the similarities are there. You can’t help but compare the two teams. The difference, of course, is the Boston Red Sox are World Champions and the Yankees just lost ARod.

Just like 2004, it was an all-out war in the ALCS followed by an all-inclusive cruise through the World Series. In the end, seven straight was far more relevant than Colorado’s 21 out of 22. This four game sweep of the Rockies was a thorough, Patriots-esque beat down.

But with all due respect to Belichick’s boys however, there is no comparison. Boston, New England actually, is one of the few places where baseball is still the most popular sport. It’s only fitting that it would be home to the best team.

In the Bronx, they’re bracing for a new manager and will need to find a way to replace the American League MVP. They’ll have to re-sign their veterans in order to cope with the youth movement.

The Yankees are looking toward the future.

They need only to look at Red Sox to remember what they used to be.

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Joey 4:57 PM, October 31, 2007  

It's true there's a real changing of the guard between the BoSox and the Yanks, but if I lived in Beantown, I'd be careful. If the Yanks only need to look at the Sox to remember where they've been, then the Sox only need to look at the Yanks to see what they're becoming. Careful what you wish for, eh?

Anonymous 3:59 AM, November 14, 2007  

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