Random Rumblings: Sox now have luck to match talent


  • All is well in Boston now.

    Terry Francona is off the hook for not starting Josh Beckett in game four. A game six grand slam made J.D. Drew’s season memorable – for a good reason. And for all the criticism Daisuke Matsuzaka has gotten this post season, it was the $103 million rookie pitching the Red Sox to the World Series last night.

    Oh yeah, and it’s still perfectly fine for Manny to be Manny.

    It seems bizarre to think that things could go this right for an organization that even after winning the 2004 World Series, is still notorious for screwing up. But something is different with the current Red Sox. They’ve had a dominant ace pitcher before. They’ve certainly had the run-producing offense.

    And now, like the Yankees of the late ‘90s, they’ve got luck on their side too.

  • On WEEI last night, Bobby Kielty said, “It was close until we scored all those points late.”

    And we worry that Manny doesn’t know the game.

  • Speaking of luck, how about the University of Connecticut football team? If it wasn’t for two blown calls against Temple and Louisville, the Huskies would be 4-3 and head coach Randy Edsall would probably be on his way out.

  • You know it’s a strange college football season when second ranked Boston College’s win over UMass is more noteworthy than No. 1 Ohio State’s victory at Washington.

  • Obviously Hank Steinbrenner was going to say the Yankees weren’t trying to insult Joe Torre with that ridiculous contract they offered. But I highly doubt the new skipper’s second season will depend solely on making the World Series.

  • New Britain’s Mike McLeod might be one of the top ten running backs in the country, on any level. The 5’10 200lb running back is about to lead Yale to a top ten ranking in the FCS.

    Makes you wonder how UConn missed this kid.

  • While it’s definitely nice to have a quality running back, the New York Giants are the latest team to prove that you don’t need one to survive. Eli’s team is better without Tiki Barber.

  • Now that the Indians are finished, will the Paul Byrd HGH story even matter?

    I doubt it.


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