How can anyone praise Randy Moss?


While Alex Rodriguez is being portrayed as the most selfish athlete in the history of sports for opting out of his deal with the Yankees, there is another player –someone far worse—getting off scot-free.

In fact, you won’t hear a negative word about Randy Moss these days. Not after yet another incredible performance this past weekend, when he went for 145 yards and a score in the New England Patriots come from behind victory at Indianapolis. The tenth year wideout has 12 touchdowns and 924 yards in nine games this season. The guy could quit right now and win the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year award by a margin that would make even his coach blush.

It’s funny, because quitting is precisely what got Moss in the ideal situation he’s in today.

Last year, while playing for an awful team in Oakland, Moss had the worst season of his career. Some of that had to do with injuries, but with every amazing play he makes this season, it seems clearer and clearer that he just didn’t give a shit about playing for the Raiders.

And that’s what ultimately got him traded. For a fourth round pick.

That’s how badly they wanted to get rid of this cancer.

It really is disgraceful. People have the audacity to trash ARod for being a money hungry slime ball, but no one wants to criticize Moss, who didn’t bother to show up last season because his team was no good.

We often talk about players who really deserve to win a ring. We rarely talk about those who don’t. Randy Moss is in the latter category.

Just another reason to root against the Patriots, I suppose.

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Anonymous 11:11 AM, November 08, 2007  

How can anyone praise Moss?

Easy, he's the best reviever ever, idiot.

Anonymous 11:38 AM, November 08, 2007  

I never thought about it but you are absolutely right. A-Rod had every right to opt out of his was in his contract. He played his hardest for the Yankees in his time there. Say what you want about the playoffs, but 2 (probably) MVP awards validates his effort. On the other hand, Moss was a complete joke in his time in Oakland. I guess he got away with it because every player on that team dogged it anyway, but the point remains that he did not even get negative press for it. He may be the best receiver ever, and I love watching him play, but he is one of the worst professionals ever.

Rick 11:56 AM, November 08, 2007  

ARod played in New York and was also many 25.2 mil. Of course he's going to get killed by people more than Moss

Jimmy Chowda 1:42 PM, November 11, 2007  

Moss has kept his mouth shut, worked hard, and has played spectacularly. That's pretty much why the press has nothing bad to say about him this year.

Until his throws a tantrum or says something idiotic, that's how it'll be.

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