Coughlin still gets criticism despite Giants success


For what seems like his entire time with New York Giants, we’ve heard questions about Tom Coughlin’s job security. Every year, it’s something different. The players don’t like him. The media thinks he’s incompetent. Fans think the game has passed him by.

And nothing was out of the ordinary this past week when we started to hear rumors that he might lose his job if Big Blue was to lose in Buffalo, which would have been a near fatal blow to the team’s playoff chances.

Of course, the Giants came back from 14 down in the first quarter to clinch a playoff birth for a team record third consecutive season, something matched in the NFC by only Seattle.

Through all the complaints, all Coughlin has done is build a consistent winner, more so than even the Cowboys, with a lot less talent. He’s managed to do this while simultaneously tying to build a quarterback out of Eli Manning, who has thrown two touchdowns in a game after week seven just five times since 2005.

He’s won with a big time defense but without a quarterback, and this year, without Tiki Barber, which says a lot. It makes you wonder how this guy doesn’t receive more credit, or any credit for that matter.

It’s always been about been about his faults.

And the truth is, he’s gotten a raw deal.


rob 6:50 PM, December 24, 2007  

coughlin needs to win a playoff game before he gets any credit from me.

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