Monster season wasn't enough for Brennan


They made the rounds in New York City on Friday, spending time with Mike and the Mad Dog and talking to Mike Tirico and getting interviewed by every other media outlet in the country. But as three of the Heisman Trophy candidates received the praise they deserved, you couldn’t help but notice the sore thumb in the group, Colt Brennan, who spent his talk time defending himself, his system, his teammates and a schedule he couldn’t control.

All Brennan did in 2007 was lead Hawaii to an unbeaten season while throwing for over 4,000 yards and 38 touchdowns.

All he did Saturday evening was run third in the Heisman race, watching a quarterback whose team lost three more times than his and a running back whose team went 8-4 finish well ahead of him.

The winner was Florida’s Tim Tebow, who became the first underclassman to take home the Heisman. He also became the first Heisman winner in the BCS era not to lead his team to a BCS bowl game. In fact, of the four finalists, only Brennan’s team is playing in one of the five major bowl games.

Of course, that fact doesn’t matter because this award is determined before any postseason game is played, which means it is always going to the guy who was on television the most, the guy who was constantly making the 11:00 SportsCenter.

Not the guy whose team was playing on ESPN2 during the 11:00 SportsCenter.

They say that one game shouldn’t decide the Heisman, but for a guy like Brennan, whose team plays in the WAC, a big game against a team from the SEC would give his gaudy numbers some legitimacy.

Instead, voters took a look at those phenomenal numbers and that weak schedule and they passed on Brennan. The truth is that Hawaii wanted to play major conference teams. They begged to play Michigan and the Wolverines picked Appalachian State instead. They asked to play some of the better PAC 10 teams. They challenged ACC schools.

And just like the voters, everyone passed on Brennan and his Lobos.

Now we wait to see what Brennan can do against Georgia, the best team he’s ever played, a team not even Tebow could beat this year. He’s still got a whole lot prove.

It’s just too bad the Sugar Bowl happens a month late.


john 6:02 PM, December 09, 2007  

tebow clearly had the better year

Anonymous 11:08 PM, December 09, 2007  

nice post. you make pretty good points

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