Just a pawn, McNamee knew he'd need an out


There is a scene in the 2003 movie “The Recruit” where Al Pacino, playing a CIA veteran, explains to a group of CIA candidates that they should not be there for recognition because it is only their failures that anyone will remember.

Welcome to the world of anyone working behind the scenes with a professional sports franchise. Welcome to the world of Brian McNamee, the man who claims to have injected Roger Clemens with steroids and may have the smoking gun –or dirty needles in this case—to prove it.

As a trainer, McNamee’s job was to help players get bigger, stronger, faster and more durable and that’s exactly what he did, particularly with Clemens. And his reward for the work that he did came in the form of his player’s accolades – like The Rocket’s Cy Young Awards.

Occasionally, Clemens would talk about his legendary workout routine and credit McNamee with being the reason he has had so much success so late in his career. But even then, the trainer could walk through the Bronx and no one would be able to tell him apart from your average bleacher bum.

And that was just fine. His job was to stay under the radar. Because it would be good for no one if he became a celebrity.

But he had to start getting nervous when steroid use became a major topic in the world of sports, when fingers were starting to get pointed and the word asterisk was being used in baseball for the first time since Roger Maris broke the single season homerun record.

Just in case, he needed an out. So he saved needles, vials and a bloody gauze pad because he knew that if Clemens name was ever brought into the discussion, the Rocket would do anything to save his reputation, even if it meant throwing the guy no one knew under the bus.

And he was right on the money, because Clemens has done everything possible to damage his former trainer’s name.

The name of the game now is to destroy McNamee’s character.

But in the end, it will be those needles, the same ones that helped Clemens save his career, that save McNamee’s reputation.


Anonymous 3:34 AM, February 08, 2008  

but why did he give clemens up in the first place?

and did anyone ever search his home, because you'd think they would have found the needles then

crallspace 3:13 PM, February 08, 2008  

Hey--- are you Dan McGowan from Ball State?

Hit me up!

Anonymous 1:09 AM, February 09, 2008  

Who is McNamee?? Monica Lewinsky in male form....he saved needles, vials and bloody gauze like Monica saved "the dress with the stain"? McNamee is in reality probably being pretty truthful, but Roger covered his you know what by stating he was injected (but not with HGH or steroids, but Lydacane and vitamin B shots so really what does it all prove, it just casts a ugly shadow on Clemens because I don't think many people believe him.

Anonymous 5:15 PM, February 10, 2008  

like everyone is saying, there is a fairly good chance that this "evidence" will not even make it into court. if clemens' DNA is on the needles then it proves that Roger was injected with something. Finding steroids/HGH on the needles does not prove that Roger was injected with them. The only was I see Clemens really being in trouble is if Pettite testified that he was with Roger when McNamee injected him. Otherwise I don't see Clemens being found guilty of anything.

Free Sports Picks 11:44 PM, February 14, 2008  

Great read!

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