Random Rumblings 2/3


  • Whoever chose to reopen spygate just before the Super Bowl is doing the Giants no favor, as the San Diego Chargers can no doubt attest to. It was the Chargers who had the unfortunate task of facing New England in week two of this season, just after the Patriots were caught videotaping signals in their opening game.

    And we all know how that Sunday night turned out.

    Tom Brady threw three touchdowns, two to Randy Moss, and the Patriots sent a message to the entire league, blowing out one of the previous season’s best teams 38-14. They never admitted to feeling like they needed to prove themselves in that game, and they won’t do it after they win tonight, but you have to assume the accusations being thrown around give the Pats that much more motivation.

    In week two they became legitimate. Tonight they become immortal.

  • Acquiring Johan Santana instantly made the Mets the favorite to win the National League this season, but keep an eye on Jose Reyes.

    The 24 year old just watched his agent, Peter Greenberg, convince the team to give Santana the richest contract for a pitcher in history, but he only received a $23.25 million contract extension in 2006.

    Think there might be a little animosity from the face of the franchise?

  • Trading for Pau Gasol just put the Lakers over the top, and if Andrew Bynum can make a complete recovery from his knee surgery this season, the Los Angeles Lakers will make the NBA Finals.

    And the Celtics will be lucky if they don’t get swept.

  • This is going to sound ridiculous, but before Maya Moore graduates from UConn, she might go down as the greatest athlete, man or woman, in the history of college sports.

    That’s because she might finish her career having never lost a game.

  • C.C. Sabathia was recently took home a Cleveland Sports Award for Professional Athlete of the Year, beating out even LeBron James. You have to wonder how much of that had to do with the fact that James seems far more interested in New York lately.

    But my question is, which one ends up playing in the City first, Sabathia or James?

    Because if the Yankees watch the Mets get to the World Series while they struggle through a rebuilding season, you can bet they will break the bank to bring in the big left-hander next winter.

  • How many times are we going to have to hear that the Patriots will not be this good next season? I mean, repeating perfection isn’t exactly easy.

    I’m sure they’ll be cool with 13-3.

  • Super Bowl prediction: New England 38-17


Ryan 10:36 PM, March 11, 2008  

Hey Dan I'm new to blogging but I just wanted to comment on your take of the Boston Celtics possibly being wept by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals this year. I personally think that the Pau Gasol trade was the single most team swaying trade this year. Pau Gasol teaming up with Koby was flat out instint success for the Lakers this year. It has made the Lakers going from a mediocre to average team to an elite team and possible NBA Champions this year. I love it because the Lakers are my team.

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