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  • Get ready America. A search is about to begin for the next basketball coach at Indiana, which means we’re all about to be subjected to a ridiculous amount of hype over the most overrated collegiate program in the country – and that’s counting Notre Dame Football.

    The Hoosiers have finished the regular season in the top 25 just four times since 1993, yet we constantly here about how the IU job is among the top five in the country. Maybe it is. But it’s not a top 20 school for recruits, which explains why Kelvin Sampson had to cheat in order to restore what was once a proud program.

  • Andy Pettitte gets a pass for using HGH because he admitted his mistake and issued an apology, but you can’t tell me Rogers Clemens or Barry Bonds would have gotten the same treatment had they done the same thing.

  • The Red Sox are no lock win the AL East, much less get back to the World Series. Without Curt Schilling in the rotation, you have one stud in Josh Beckett and then a lot of question marks. Daisuke mixed brilliant performance with awful ones all season and Tim Wakefield isn’t exactly a guaranteed quality start every time out. Which means they will be expecting an awful lot out of their young pitchers, just like the Yankees.

  • Jason Kidd seems like a great pick up by Dallas, but how is he going to guard any of the top point guards in the west?

  • Teams out West should be trying to win now because next year starts the dynasty in Portland.

  • I’m still not sure if UConn is deep enough to make a run to the Final Four, but if they do, Jim Calhoun should be the National Coach of the Year.


Anonymous 4:21 PM, February 21, 2008  

You're an idiot. Indiana is probably the best job in America. Just wait till you see who we get bitch.

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