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  • It was only natural to hear a disclaimer come with any World Series prediction that didn’t involve the Red Sox, Yankees or Mets. Something like, “I realize this won’t make Fox very happy, but I’m going with the Indians and Rockies,” or “in a series no one will watch, I like the Mariners over the Braves.”

    It’s true. Baseball benefits from a northeast-centric World Series the same way the NBA will if the Lakers and Celtics end up meeting in the Finals this June.

    But let’s face it. Even if the Angels and Brewers or Spurs and Magic are playing for World Titles, it’s not like either sport will suffer that much.

    Not the way women’s basketball will. A Tennessee/Connecticut final had the chance to be one of the truly special games played in sports this year. And it had little to do with the talent – it’s not like Stanford pulled some major upset. It’s everything else involved that could have made the women’s game, played well below the rim, relevant to even the most narcissistic fan. The rivalry. The hatred between the coaches. The top two players in the country. It had the chance to be as intriguing as a title game could be.

    The Huskies blew the opportunity to make that happen. But it’s the women’s game that took the biggest hit.

  • Did you catch the story about the guy out of Lansing, MI who hit the lottery for $136 million and immediately quit his job? It made me think about Pedro Martinez, who ever since hitting the jackpot with the Mets, has pretty much spent ten months vacationing and only two doing his job.

    And don’t give me the garbage about you never knowing what can happen with pitchers. You never know about their arms. But a hamstring? To me, that signifies laziness.

  • Derrick Rose is exactly what the Knicks could use. And assuming the team can be under the cap by 2010, he’ll be just the type of guy LeBron James wants to play with.

    We’ll sit tight until then.
  • Rose’s Memphis squad has to be one of the most exciting teams I’ve ever watched in college. They’re as athletic a team as we’ve ever seen and they are coached by a guy who now seems to be a surefire Hall of Famer.

  • It’s time Hasheem Thabeet make his decision already.

  • If getting to the finals is the only way for Phoenix to look like it made the right move by trading for Shaq, the team better count its losses now because they are even worse on defense now than before.

  • After one week, a Toronto/Arizona World Series looks promising.


Anonymous 11:17 AM, April 07, 2008  

u couldnt be more wrong womens bball needs parity

Anonymous 11:44 PM, April 17, 2008  

Pedro has always been "a fragile" player. He plays "tough guy" for a little of the season then he starts with his whining. He spent time on the DL just about every year (even if it was only a couple of weeks). Face it he is a crazy head case and always has been. He just gets lazier and or crazier every year. ~BTW if I won 136 mil. in a lottery I would quit my job too :)

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