Random Rumblings (Wifflegate happens everywhere)


(NOTE: The Random Rumblings column appears every Monday, featuring quick thoughts on various issues in the world of sports.)

  • You want to believe that stories like last week’s wiffleball field controversy only come from places like Greenwich, CT, a town you’d love to drive through, but one you have no chance of ever living in. You want to believe that only the most pretentious snobs would fight to stop teenagers from playing with a plastic ball and bat.

    But the truth is, this happens every day, in your community and in mine. Adults argue that young people are lazier than ever, that computers and video games have trumped going outside and being active – and they’re right. But as soon as kids start acting like kids, everyone watches with concern. You’ve seen it before – the neighbor staring out his window, waiting to call the police as soon as a ball even grazes a blade of his grass.

    This happens everywhere. And it’s sad. Young people are considered the nation’s most precious assets, until their presence becomes inconvenient.

    Then Wifflegate happens.

  • No matter what happens with Brett Favre, this whole retirement/comeback ordeal is going to tarnish a little bit of legacy. The media might try to push him as a national hero, but I think speak for a lot of people on both coasts when I say that Favre never really meant all that much to us.

    A great player, sure, but he’s no Michael Jordan, who is remembered for the duration of his career, not just the end.

    The opposite will be true for Favre.

  • I remember when Deadspin was entertaining. No homo.

  • At some point, the rest of baseball should realize that anyone Billy Beane is trading or letting go probably has baggage. Rich Harden, who is almost as sure a thing to break down as Mark Prior, is no exception.

  • How much is Brandon Jennings going to learn from the men he’s playing with in Europe when he is taking one of their jobs?

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