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  • It’s the epic individual matches in sports like the Federer/Nadal Wimbledon Final that really makes you miss what boxing used to be, or if you’re under 30, what you’ve heard boxing used to be. Now, Mixed Martial Arts is all the craze, but even that sport lacks a truly great rivalry, or for that matter, a truly dominate figure.

    Every time I start to hear about a great MMA fighter, he ends up getting beat shortly after. That goes back to Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott and has continued through Chuck Liddell and most recently, Quinton (Rampage) Jackson.

    The hardcore fans will point to parity as the driving force in the sport and some use the “anyone can be knocked out at any time” excuse that has become cliché. But the truth is, we don’t want just anyone to win. We want a top guy that can knock everyone out and we want one, maybe two guys right that there trying to take him out.

    Until that happens, count me out.

  • Jerry Manuel couldn’t have been more on the money when he said his Mets were second to the Yankees in New York during the Subway Series. And his point couldn’t have been more valid when the All Star teams were announced and his biggest star, Jose Reyes, was not voted in as a starter.

    Look, Derek Jeter has done more in the sport, but there is no question that Reyes is the best shortstop in New York. But Jeter is going to be the All Star starter for the rest of his career and Reyes is going to consistently lose out to a Florida Marlin.

  • That said, the Florida Marlin in question, Hanley Ramirez, is probably one of the top three players in baseball, so it will be nice to see at least one deserving starter from a small market.

  • In almost any clutch situation, I’d take Manny Ramirez over almost any other hitter in the history of baseball, but in the ninth inning last night with the scored tied, Terry Francona might as well have let Craig Hansen hit against Mariano Rivera instead.

    Considering the week he had, there was no chance of Manny just being Manny in that spot.

  • Smart move by the Brewers in trading for C.C. Sabathia. They had an ace in Ben Sheets carry them through half a season, and once the inevitable happens and he breaks down, they’ll have ace to carry them to the playoffs.

  • You would Cynthia Rodriguez would have timed it better and waited for the playoffs to file for divorce, but then again, that would mean the Yankees would actually have to make it to October.


GG 7:00 PM, July 07, 2008  

MMA could use a superstar. There are a few. Chuck Liddell, Georges St. Pierre, and guys like Randy Couture. However, what it shows is that with the UFC, the right fights are being made. Guys are fighting each other in their prime. And when that happens, no one is going to wipe out a competitive division. Anderson Silva has been able to do so in the middleweight division, but it's also the UFC's weakest division.

Charisma helps though. Sugar Ray Leonard lost several times throughout his career, but his charisma overshadowed that.

What you see as a lack of dominating fighter, I see as a competitive landscape and the right fights being made. As different fans, we want different things. But that's ok.

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