Let's allow Obama to do his job


Maybe this isn’t about sports so maybe you’ve already tuned out. But we expect today to be one of those epic moments reserved almost exclusively for the movies -- certainly not real life -- so rather than writing about who will win the Super Bowl, I’m going to share my concerns regarding our 44th president.

Barack Obama is a man I voted for. He’s someone my normally apathetic generation has fallen head over heels for. He’s one of the most popular incoming presidents in the history of our country. But isn’t it at least slightly nerve-racking that we’re already comparing him with some of our greatest presidents? I mean, Lincoln abolished slavery. Obama wants to abolish the BCS.

It’s not so much his ideas or his idealistic vision for our country that has Obama uniting so many either; It’s the convenience of it all. The blackberry president made it easy for us to support him. He’s the second president to serve in a 24/7 media world, but he’s the first to actually embrace it. We fell in love with him because we saw him on Facebook and MySpace and YouTube and because we got an e-mail a day from him for the past year.

But our feelings for him and our belief that all his rhetoric will be backed up with substance doesn’t make him FDR. Let’s see him turn around a country that has fewer jobs available and more students dropping out of high school than ever before. We all realize that change won’t come overnight, so let’s hold off before adding his face to Mount Rushmore.

Let the man do his job.

In sports, we have this tendency to anoint a team as the champion before the season even starts. We never take into account all the road blocks that will pop up along the way. The 44th president has a lot of roads in need of repaving. He needs to repair our relationship with the rest of the world; he’s got a crisis to deal with in the Middle East; and of course, his country is on the verge of a depression and he’s the man we all expect to rescue us. Let’s hope he can pull off a wire-to-wire successful presidency.

Yesterday, a group of friends and I were discussing where we were during historic events in our lives. Most people had only two distinct memories. You know what they were? Everyone knew where they were when the O.J. Simpson verdict came down (I was in third grade at Savin Rock Community School) and 9/11 (10th grade science class). That’s it. A trial and a disaster.

I’d like to believe that I’ll always remember today for different reasons - as one of the defining points in my life.

But I’m going to remain cautious for now.

Because everyone is undefeated before they play a game.


rob 5:23 AM, January 20, 2009  

Dan, was going to bash you for talking politics on a sports blog. But this was great.

Anonymous 11:33 AM, January 20, 2009  

well said daniel

Anonymous 7:25 PM, January 20, 2009  

You are right Dan, but there are many reasons people are inspired by Barack Obama. He crosses the generations. Young, old My 80++year old parents voted for him, middle aged,(I voted for him as did everyone I know my age). For eight years we had to deal with a president of mediocre (and I am being generous) intelligence who was so unpopular both in this country and abroad it was almost pathetic. I myself am looking forward to a very smart president who is an eloquent writer & speaker and who already has restored some faith in all we hold so dear in this great country of ours but most of all there seems to be hope and you said it best "caution" but an optimistic caution for a better future for both your generation and generations to follow. Great blog, it is not always just about sports :)

Anonymous 2:50 PM, January 21, 2009  

this is a well written article.. I'm glad to see a hard core democrat life yourself actually take this point of view.
Before we appoint Obama as our "savior" or the "messiah" as some people have already said about him lets see what he can do 1st.

Two things to get you mad of course
1) Why didn't CNN or MSNBC talk about Michelle Obama and how much her dresses cost??
2)Obama is too hollywood.. doesnt this scare you??

Dan McGowan 3:36 PM, January 21, 2009  

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I think the Hollywood factor is an interesting one. Clearly, he went after young, first time voters and a lot of young people care more about page six in the New York Post than they do the front page. Getting Hollywood behind him was a smart strategy. However if he fails, there will be a whole lot of 20 something’s who will never vote again.

Him becoming an icon before doing anything scares me definitely, though.

As far as Michelle’s dress. What, you’ve never spent a few thousand dollars on an outfit before? :)

Anonymous 3:46 PM, January 21, 2009  

Dan- I often pose this question to people who talk about Obama as if he is going to change the world.

*What has be changed so far to make me believe that he will bring change?... Don't worry. I'll wait.

The problem is that many kids in our generation, sadly it seems you might be one of them, don't seem to think for themselves vs. opposed to what the media feeds them.(The media heavily favored Obama) He is a 3/4 of a term senator and has done almost nothing in terms of legislation. He has done nothing to bring fourth change, but ran on a ticket of change.

*Name one decision Bush made that was a bad decision at the time he made it... Don't worry. I'll wait.

Most would immediately point to Iraq and WMD's. Well if you were to go to the Dr. and he said you have cancer and then you went to a 2nd Dr. and he said you have cancer then you would be forced to believe you have cancer. You would then start treatment.
This directly applies to Iraq. Bush was told by the CIA and MI-6 that there were WMDs there. He took action to protect not only the US but the world. Info was wrong... but it was the right action at the time with the info he had available.

Unfortunately, the media has portrayed Bush as a moron... but is he really? The man has not made one poor decision in his office. If you can think of one I'd be glad to see you post it so I can respond.

I will give Obama all the support that a President should get and hope that he is not treated as unfairly by the media and critics as Bush has been. Unfortunately we voted for liberal socialistic policies disguised as change.

Dan McGowan 4:49 PM, January 21, 2009  

You make fair points. Except here’s my problem with comparing WMD’s with a cancer diagnosis. If I’m talking to a doctor, and say, “boy I think something is wrong with me” and start listing some problems I’m having, he’s not going to say “you have cancer.”

He’s going to want to take a closer look, maybe get some xrays and what not. It seems to me the people feeding Bush information didn’t care about looking deeper and he didn’t care to ask. Both sides are at Fault.

Do I think Bush was treated unfairly by the media? It’s possible. But more likely, as I wrote in the article, I think it’ that he wasn’t prepared for the 24/7 media world.

Now as far my generation goes, I think it’s not just my age group (I’m 22) that buys into what the media feeds us – that’s the majority of people. Do you think most people vote because they know all the facts? The answer is no, just look at anyone who votes based simply on a candidates religious views or their stance on abortion.

The truth is, I would have voted democrat no matter what. I’m loyal to my party. You can understand that, especially since I’m assuming you’re a republican, and history shows you guys are far more loyal to your party than we are to ours. But Obama spoke to my generation. He has great ideas for reforming the education system in America. That was a major issue for me. So it’s not fair to say all of us don’t know what we are talking about – even if I made have eluded to that in my previous comment.

I think Obama proved that young people want to have a voice, that we want to be involved. Statistics show that we want to serve our country whether it be through the military or through programs like AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps. Is it wrong that he targeted us? Is it any different than targeting white, senior citizens?

And further more, is running a campaign based around change worse than running a campaign based around being a POW?

Anonymous 4:52 PM, January 21, 2009  

politics are gay. fuck obama.

but you're probably right dan

now go do a podcast

Anonymous 9:12 PM, January 29, 2009  

give obama and F so far.. you can admit it too you little democrat.. 800 billion plus... him, pelosi and his progranda chief the white house speaker have made it awful already..

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