Very Random Super Bowl Rumblings


  • “Four albums in ten years, I can divide
    That's one every let's say two, two of them sh*ts was due
    One was - NAHHH, the other was 'Illmatic'
    That's a one hot album every ten year average” – Jay-Z

    I couldn’t help but think of rapper Jay-Z’s famous diss line to Nas when everyone started talking about Kurt Warner’s Hall of Fame credentials the past couple weeks as the Arizona quarterback helped lead his team to its first Championship Game in 60 years.

    In Warner’s case, the line isn’t completely accurate. He’s had three great seasons over the course of his eleven year NFL career as opposed to one. But if you take a look at every other season --the ones where he was starting only half the time and still throwing way too many interceptions-- there is no way he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    For most players, a longer career just adds to their resumes, allowing them to compile statistics. For Warner, it just makes him less impressive. Some will blame his poor performance on injuries, but then, no one considers Darryl Strawberry a Hall of Famer because of the numbers he would have put up had he not spent so much time pretending to be Tony Montana.

    To me, Warner goes down as a good player who had a couple spectacular seasons. But I don’t put him in the same class as Manning, Brady or McNabb, the three quarterbacks from this era that will easily wind up in Canton.

  • I could care less that most of the game was filled with penalties and that it looked like we were one score away from a blowout through the first three quarters because that fourth quarter was as exciting a time in sports as I can remember.

  • The last few weeks have given ex-drug dealers everywhere hope. Yahoo! Users loved the movie Notorious and then Santonio Holmes, who both sold drugs and caught rabbits as a kid in Florida, won the Super Bowl MVP.

  • In the moment, you can’t expect him to realize this, but if Larry Fitzgerald backed off James Harrison on that final play of the first half, Harrison probably would have been knocked out of bounds.

  • People always said Brett Favre was the most-regular guy in the league. I think Ben Roethlisberger has replaced him. There’s no one in the league I’d rather have a beer with.

  • To close, I have to admit that I’m happy football season is over. By the time the Super Bowl comes around, I’ve pretty much made 21 weeks of awful picks and I start to feel pathetic. This season was no different. I can’t wait for baseball season.


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