For the record: My NCAA Picks


If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you listen to my podcast (Right Click – Save Target As) preview of the NCAA Tournament right now. But just to hold myself accountable, I’ve posted my picks below, along with some quick thoughts on each region.

Midwest Region
The Favorite: Louisville
Best First Round Game: Boston College/USC
Possible upset: Arizona over Utah and Wake Forest
Sleeper: West Virginia
My Pick: Louisville over Michigan State

Fun Fact: They’re short, they’re mostly white and they have really bad haircuts, but the North Dakota State Bison might just be the best story in the whole tournament, after qualifying in their first year of eligibility. They’re also just a 10 point dog against Kansas in the opener, which I find a bit strange. Watch out Jayhawks.

West Region
The Favorite: Connecticut
Best First Round Game: Marquette/Utah State
Possible upset: Washington over UConn in the Sweet 16
Sleeper: Washington
My Pick: Memphis over UConn

Fun Fact: Under/Over on the combined amount of current players to graduate from UConn, Maryland and Cal State Northridge: 4.5

East Region
The Favorite:
Best First Round Game: UCLA/VCU
Possible upset: Binghamton over Duke
Sleeper: Florida State
My Pick: Pitt over UCLA

Fun Fact: Tony Kornheiser's alma mater (Binghamton) is filled with guys you wouldn’t want to meet in a back alley, which could scare a prissy team like Duke.

South Region
The Favorite:
Best First Round Game: Arizona State/Temple
Possible upset: Michigan over Oklahoma in round two
Sleeper: Arizona State
My Pick: UNC over Arizona State

Fun Fact: Arizona State may catch UNC just as the Tar Heels start to notice symptoms from the STD’s they contract from the ladies of Radford University during the opening weekend of the tournament. That could spell doom for Tyler Hansbrough and Co.

Final Four
Louisville over Memphis
UNC over Pitt

Louisville over UNC 74-67


Anonymous 4:10 AM, March 19, 2009  

why are you all over Arizona State's nuts?

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