Like the TV Evangelist, Hamilton just another con artist


Here’s hoping everyone keeps their eye on the ball with this Josh Hamilton story. It’s not about journalistic integrity or Deadspin’s place in the media or whether or not A.J. Daulerio is going to hell. Like it or not, a blog broke a story that every news outlet from the New York Times to the Dallas Morning News to ESPN would have and now will run with.

This is about Josh Hamilton the con artist. The man who was given a second and third and who knows how many opportunities to clean up his act because of his ability to hit a baseball. Most addicts don’t get that many chances. Josh did. And he became an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people batting all types of addiction all over the country. Do a Google search and you’ll find an endless number of personal blogs of addicts who consider Hamilton a hero.

Now he looks like a fraud to his fans, the Texas Rangers, Major League Baseball and most importantly, his wife, who probably had no idea there were pictures involved during her husband’s one-night relapse.

It’s not just that he fell off the wagon one night in January. That happens. It’s that his face is spray painted on the side of the wagon. Hamilton is supposed to be the poster boy for overcoming addiction. He never mentioned anything about this in April when ESPN ran its “Homecoming with Rick Reilly” program and thrust him back into the national spotlight. The show was heart-warming. This is a heart-wrenching.

He could have come right out and said exactly what he said today. He could have warned everyone that it doesn’t matter who you are, this type of thing can happen to anyone. Instead, he let the public think what they wanted to think. He let ESPN fawn all over him. He admitted nothing, at least not publicly, until Deadspin ran those pictures. And for the record, the story might be that he informed both his wife and the Rangers of his slip up right away, but why did his personal assistant Johnny Narron tell Deadspin that he would be shocked if the pictures were real?

It sounds more like Hamilton took the route many of his peers have taken when it comes to steroid: Say nothing until you’re caught.

Well, now that he was caught, this is a story that shouldn’t just disappear because he’s a good interview and a nice guy. And the lord can’t be his crutch for everything. He needs to explain how he could have the audacity to suggest that he was unhappy with a Rangers contract extension offer in March knowing that his team knew what happened only two months before.
He needs to explain how he can still look at himself in the mirror every morning knowing he makes $10,000-$20,000 per speaking appearance to tell his story and inspire everyone under the sun when he knows that he isn’t being honest.

Hamilton is basically the TV Evangelist who preaches one way of life and lives in a completely opposite way. He’s convincing the way con artist addicts usually are and we believed him because we wanted to believe him. Because we all know someone who has lost battles with addiction and we all wished they could have turned out like Hamilton.

We’ve all been had. For that, Hamilton has a lot more explaining to do.


Anonymous 8:30 PM, August 08, 2009  

wow you have no heart.

Anonymous 10:33 PM, August 08, 2009  

Danny you are reaching. He was a coke/crackhead and one night drinking alcohol shows he's human. Kicking a dead horse dude. Apparently you don't know many addicts if you think his ship has sailed because true addicts will completely understand his issues. You can't possibly understand the process and this probably helped him in the long run if he's able to keep his life together.

Keith 11:34 PM, August 08, 2009  

Jeff Passan's column on Hamilton says my thoughts exactly.;_ylt=ArDOrasw7942OVqK00y3BRM5nYcB?slug=jp-hamilton080809&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

~RedRiver 9:59 AM, August 09, 2009  


There is not an addict on the face of this earth that once clean, does not have a slip or relapse, or feel like they can't live without another drink or hit. In the 12 step programs, there is a line from their books~"One is too many & a thousand is never enough" Another is "Change occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing". This is why so many addicts have such a difficult time with accomplishing the "recovery" thing.

You talk about how many chances Josh has been given with MLB. I can't recall his name for sure, possibly Steve, but there was a guy with the Dodgers in the late '70s-early '80s, & later with several teams, that was given so many chances that I can't even begin to tell you how many. There are countless others also that took this ride, all because they have a physical talent.

It is extremely difficult to believe in a cleaned-up recovering addict. Especially by their families, because they are closer to them, know more about them than anyone, & other than themselves, are the ones that the addict has hurt the most. It is very easy to slam someone, but much tougher & more difficult to stand by them with hope, encouragement, & with tough love.

Let us hope & pray that this slip by Josh & the slips by any other addict will be the final one & the one that truly opens their mind & their eyes to what it is all about.

dan 10:11 AM, August 09, 2009  

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Red River, I'm definitely pulling for Josh to remain sober, but I do think he has questions to answer...

And yes, it's a personal issue, but when you allow your self to become to public face of addiction, you should be open and honest with the whole world.

Jason - 9:17 PM, August 09, 2009  

Dan, I agree with you. I saw a quote of his from and article "It just crossed my mind that night, 'Can I have a drink?" and I sat there and thought why would that even cross his mind. Addicts can't have one of anything, that's what being and addict is. Later he goes on to say one thing led to another...well what the hell did he think was going to happen? Did he think any good would have come from this? Yes he did own up to his mistake, but it took 7 months. That's unacceptable because it just makes matters worse once you are caught. I ask myself everyday why people like this are given the chance to be rich and famous and then they just go and screw it all up.

Fraud 11:38 PM, August 09, 2009  

It should be pointed it out that Dan loves lecturing us on morals when he allows illegal sports betting sites to advertise on this website. Just saying...

Anonymous 1:33 AM, August 10, 2009  

nice reach for a slow august. they always said '' if you get the ear, the eye is find a way '' keep killing them kid im hearing you

Anonymous 2:11 AM, August 14, 2009  

do you really believe what you wrote or were your trying to be the contrarian?

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