5 Key Predictions for College Football Season


The first weekend of college football is here and we’ve got 5 key predictions for the season

 1)      Neither Alabama nor Michigan will win the National Title.

Everyone seems to thinking the big prime-time game of the week will decide one half of the BCS title game, but they seem to forget that both of these teams have their flaws. Michigan is going to score plenty of points, but I’m not totally sold on their defense and judging by college football betting sites, neither is ‘Bama.  The Crimson Tide will struggle to make it out of the SEC this year.

 2)      The SEC is too Stacked

 This seems like an every year occurrence, but this year takes it to a whole new level. With 5 teams in top 10, I can’t see anyone coming out undefeated. And don’t be surprised if Florida, who is barely in the top 25 ends up winning the whole thing.

 3)      Never Bet on the Big 10

 Wisconsin has had the most talented team in the country three times in the last decade and they squandered it every year. Betting on the Badgers would be going to an MLB betting site and taking the Rangers to win the whole thing. The best team? Maybe. But they always find a way to screw it up.

4)      West Virginia is Going to be There in the End

 It’s their first year in the Big 12 and I expect WVU to not disappoint. Remember, this is a team that scored 70 points in the Orange Bowl last year. West Virginia is going to steamroll the entire conference and that includes Oklahoma the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

5)      National Championship: USC over West Virginia               

USC is absolutely loaded and has something to prove this season. The Trojans might have the best college football team since Miami in the early 2000s and I expect this team to cruise to the BCS title game.  Their only real hurdles are home games against Oregon and Notre Dame.


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