Double-Up Tournament Tips & Strategy


There are several online poker rooms that support double-up tournaments in their poker room, with PokerStars being the biggest of them all. Most double-up tournaments will have ten players and the top five players will walk away with double their buy-in. There are a few different ways to play these types of tournaments and you’ll end up making your own game plan as you go along I’m sure, but I’d like to share some tips with you to get you through the early going.

If you already have experience playing online poker then you’re going to want to multi-table these tournaments right from the beginning. I typically play around 3-4 games at a time as all the screens fit nicely on my laptop that way. The reason you want to play multiple tournaments at all times is because these tournaments are pretty slow and you’re not going to be playing many hands in them anyways. Below are some tips and strategy that you can use while playing double-up tournaments. You can find even more tips at

* You don’t want to play many hands in these tournaments. If you’re going to play a hand then you need to be raising the pot up every time. If you’re already facing a raise then you can flat call if you’d like although if you have a premium hand I’d go over the top. The key in double-up tournaments is to apply a lot of pressure on your opponents when you do eventually play hands.

* When the blinds start going up, you’re going to need to start stealing some of the blinds. Generally I wait until the blinds reach the 50/100 level before I start trying to steal the blinds. Position is everything when stealing blinds. You don’t really want to steal the blinds on the button unless you know the two blinds will fold to a bet. I find raising from the middle works better, especially when you only do it a couple times a tournament.

* If you have a monster hand such as QQ-KK-AA or even AK-AQ suited you need to be willing to call someone else’s all-in. There will always be opponents that raise the pot all the time in hopes of stealing blinds, especially at the lower limit games. Even though you only need to make it to the top five you need to take advantage of your premium hands. If you end up losing the hand it isn’t a big deal and you can make it back.

* If you take a bit hit early in one of these tournaments don’t count yourself out. I see many players lose a big pot and then within a few hands they will be all-in with a marginal hand. If you’re sitting with 500-800 chips you still have plenty of time to wait for a semi-good hand. In this position you may also be able to steal a couple blinds if you wait for the right position.

* When you’re at the bubble in a tournament like the WSOP, you want to make sure you don’t take any risks. If you’re in the top three positions then I wouldn’t even think about playing any hands unless you have high pockets. If you’re in the lower part of the bubble then you might need to make a move, but I would wait until you have a big hand. Don’t take any risks when you’re on the bubble with marginal hands because you may be called by one of the chip leaders.

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