Sweet 16 tidbits


For all the upsets that took place during the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, one could argue that ten of the best 15 teams in the country are still alive and kicking heading into the Sweet 16.

Even the losses of Gonzaga (honestly, who didn’t see that coming?) and Georgetown (has only made it past the Sweet 16 once since Allen Iverson was donning a Hoya jersey), it wouldn’t be shocking to see Louisville, Kansas, Indiana and Ohio State (the highest-seeded teams left in each region) cruise to the Final Four.

That said, while it appears as though Louisville and Ohio State may be locks, don’t be surprised if No. 4 seeds Michigan and Syracuse give a hard time to the Jayhawks and Hoosiers, respectively. I foolishly picked the Wolverines to go down in round 1, but Trey Burke has reestablished himself as the best guard in college basketball. I’m always hesitant to pick the Orange, but Indiana hasn’t played particularly well in over a month and the ‘Cuse defense could present all kinds of trouble.

My Final Four picks remain the same: Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, Miami.

Side note: Can anyone even wait for football season? It’s only March and I’m already counting down the days. (By the way, this website has information about betting during the NFL season; not that I do that sort of thing.)

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