Random Rumblings 11/27


  • I really want to thank anyone who actually reads anything I write. I truly appreciate it.
  • The Houston Texans are embarrassingly bad but today was just awful. Up 21 at home, they managed to blow their lead and lose in overtime to the Rams. To make matters worse, Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick, the team's third string quarterback was at the helm. The Texans couldn't be any worse, but at least they'll get Reggie Bush.
  • Newsday published a great story about new Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado. Once while in Class A ball, Delgado was tossed for arguing strikes and upon being ejected, looked at the umpire and said, "That's okay. When I get to the big leagues, I'll send you a post card." New York is going to love this guy
  • What does Florida and Florida State offer that tops the infamous 7th Floor Crew. If I was a football recruit, you know where I would be.
  • Three reasons George Steinbrenner has to be fuming: 1. The Mets are getting all of the back page headlines in New York's major newspapers. Omar Minaya is quickly creating a contender and is still pursuing Billy Wagner and Manny Ramirez. 2. The Blue Jays just acquired the best relief pitcher available and are still in the market for Yankee target Brian Giles and AJ Burnett. 3. Josh Beckett pitching for the Red Sox in September at Yankee Stadium is a frightening thought.
  • Preseason college rankings are ridiculous but it's hilarious to see just how wrong voters can be. Seven of college football's preseason top 15 have fallen out of the rankings this year.
  • The Bears survived today but for them to win the Super Bowl, they will have to do it with the NFL's worst rated quarterback. It's not out of the question, just unlikely.
  • My pick for college basketball's national champion (Memphis) played very well in the preseason NIT last week. The Tigers beat up on UCLA and proved that athletic defenders can stop J.J. Reddick. If only there was no Sheldon Williams...
  • As I'm writing this, the Giants game is not over. But after watching them miss three field goals that would have ended the game, I’m convinced there is no way they are a Super Bowl contender.
  • I still maintain hope that Texas could lose the Big 12 title game and LSU could lose the SEC title game, resulting in a Penn State/USC Rose Bowl.


Anonymous 10:42 PM, November 27, 2005  

Don't fucking disrespect Kyle Orton and the Bears. The worst rated QB in the leauge has 8 wins. How many of the higher rated QB's can say that. Can your Giants Eli Manning say he has 8 win? I didn't think so. I love you Dan but talking about the Bears might get you fucked up!

Anonymous 12:03 AM, November 28, 2005  

fact is once canadian dollars become popular in the USA, every player will want to come to Toronto and then the Blue Jays will win 37 World Series in a row

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