Best Gimmick Ever: And the Winner is...


We go to you live from Parts Unknown for the semi-finals and finals of the “Best Gimmick Ever” tournament where we will make history by the end of the night.

Championship Final Odds from Vegas
Hogan V Hogan 2-1
Savage V Hogan 4-1
Savage V Hall 8-1

As I’ve done the entire tournament, let’s get right to the action.

1. Hollywood Hogan VERSUS 6. Scott Hall
A battle for supremacy of the N.W.O. This would be the perfect way to force the group to break up and I suppose it’s the only way to do it. The group split completely in half before the two went to the ring.

With mixed emotions on the outside, the fight ensued. The two quite aged wrestlers grappled around for a while, not impressing the crowd with their in-ring ability.

Both took every chance they could to cheat each other out of the match but in the end Hollywood was just too much. Hogan nailed Hall in the head with the N.W.O. branded title belt he had and pinned him for the win.

Hollywood Hogan Advances

1. Hulk Hogan VERSUS 2. Macho Man Randy Savage
Well, if the two 90s’ icons did battle in our opener, what’s better than two stars from the previous decade meeting in the other match?

What a story. Two former tag team partners turned nemesis. These two actually did wrestle at Wrestlemania V in an excellent main event that I believe Hogan won, but nothing can compare to the “Best Gimmick Ever” tournament.

The two traded 80s’ style punches and Hogan even threw Savage right into famous referee Earl Hebner. Being the sneak that he always was, Savage thought about hitting Hogan with the bell he stole from the “Fink” but then had a change of heart.

He wanted to win this war fair and square.

But Hogan wouldn’t budge. He began to hulk up and soon took the upper hand. Big leg kick, body slam, leg drop and the stumbling Hebner counted to three.

Hulk Hogan Advances

Best Gimmick Ever Finals
1. Hollywood Hogan VERSUS 1. Hulk Hogan
The ultimate battle of good and evil. You had to see this one coming.
Growing up, I worshipped the Hulkster. Like the Macho Man wrestling buddy I mentioned earlier in the tournament, I also had a Hogan won. He was everything any kid could want to be, minus the steroids and wearing tights.

But as I got older my interest in wrestling began falling, Hogan went heel, which was the greatest move in the history of wrestling. All of a sudden, I was swearing at my parents and breaking things.

The impact these two had on pop culture is amazing. To think, they were the same people

The match obviously wasn’t a very exciting one. The two possessed the same moves and could barely climb to the second turnbuckle without falling over so it was a slow fight.

But that aura was there. That you know something crazy is going to happen feeling was in the air. Not exactly the perfect game or walk off home run feeling, more like the I’m going to see an umpire get beat up feeling.

As he had done the whole tournament, Hollywood tried to cheat. But when he went at the red and yellow version of himself, he attempt to knock him out with a bat backfired.

Soon the Hulkster was angry and began to take over. But the deciding factor was the people on the outside. When Scott Hall, there to support Hollywood despite being screwed by him jumped on the apron, Hogan tried to push him away.

Out of Hollywood’s tights came brass knuckles and BANG (think old school Batman) the Hulkster was out cold.

1… awfully slow count….2…….just end the match already…….. 3.

Hollywood Hogan is the winner of the “Best Gimmick Ever” Contest.

:: cue the N.W.O. song ::


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