Best Gimmick Ever: Day 4


Moving right along. We are now into the third bracket of the first round.

By tomorrow, we will have completed the first round and move right into the second phase. After that, the tournament should move quickly, ending just after Christmas.

1. Shawn Michaels VERSUS 16. John Nord
The Heartbreak Kid gets the easiest opponent of all first round matches facing a guy I never saw wrestle. (Nord had to be picked because his other character, The Berserker, is just too good to pass up.)

Considering that there might be five people in history that saw Nord fight, we’ll assume that Michaels coasts to victory.

Michaels Advances

8. Big Show VERSUS 9. Kevin Nash
Two big men who will pose a major challenge in round two.

The Big Show’s character is poorly used in the WWE so he is undervalued while Nash was one of the best wrestlers in the WCW/NOW.

Nash takes the battle of the big men because of outside interference from the NWO. We’ll say the Big Show takes a spray paint can to the face. Nash pins him for the victory.

Nash Advances

5. Triple H VERSUS 12. Sting (Black & White)
A huge turn of events in that match!

After Sting hits HHH with his bat when the referee isn’t looking, the match looks over. But miraculously, HHH kicks out of the pin.

The two wrestle for a little while and soon, HHH has control of the bout. However, he goes under the ring to grab his sledgehammer and tries to attack Sting. Sting grabs his bat and proceeds to go out HHH.

Realizing he has lost total control, the referee stops the match, disqualifying both competitors.

No One Advances

4. Sid Vicious VERSUS 13. Smash
I would assume that Vicious would be an overwhelming favorite in this one but Smash had a secret weapon in manager Mr. Fuji.

Vicious dominates the entire match, seemingly throwing Smash around at will. Right as Sid is about to execute the power bomb, Fuji leaves his cane in the corner and jumps on the mat and begins to distract the referee.

Sid decides to go after the manager and Smash picks up the cane and whacks in his opponent in the head. Smash pulls the upset.

Smash Advances

6. Scott Hall VERSUS 11. Kane
Another really nice first round match up.

Hall and Kane take it to each other from the beginning. Hall takes the match after pull a low blow on Kane. Hall uses the Razor’s Edge and takes the match.

Hall Advances

3. Mankind VERSUS 14. 123 Kid
In my opinion, this is the biggest upset of the whole tournament. Just the way he debuted in the WWF, the kid pulls a small package and rolls up the deranged one for a stunning victory.

123 Kid Advances

7. Lex Luger VERSUS 10. Crush (Hawaiian)
One of those boring matches. This is a WCW Lex Luger who always battled injuries against the less-cool version of crush.

Crush wins the match after Luger taps out from his full-nelson type finishing move.

Crush Advances

2. The Rock VERSUS 15. Curt Hennig
As you would expect, Hennig is no match for The Rock.

The Rock runs away with this one.

Rock Advances


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